Book Recommendation: Small Great Things


Call No.: F PIC

Small Great Things recommended by Natalie Yau

Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult has made the deepest impact on me.

The protagonist Ruth, who is a people of colour(black), faced countless hardships in her everyday life. In which she was allegedly claimed to be a murderer by a white supremacist.

Kennedy, Ruth’s public defender, realised that they have been living in a society where inequities are embedded. She then called for a change and acted to sound the alarm of racism.

I chose this book on the ground of two reasons.

Firstly, it perfectly showed ‘The essential in action is perseverance.’ I used to effortlessly give up after failing, regardless of the laboriousness of the task. Seeing them fighting for their beliefs and persisting until the end taught me to persevere. As life relentlessly throws challenges at me, I learnt to have the tenacity and determination that they possess to get through the arduous times. As I now know, only with striving, will one triumph.

Secondly, it rung the theme of respecting others’ differences. Every person is one and only, be it favourable or not, one should be valued. ‘If someone’s voice is being ignored, tell others to listen, call them out of it, instead of just going along with it’. I realised merely respecting is not enough, I also have the obligation to endeavour to change people’s hearts.

One must start a revolution, to unite all and to embrace diversity.

This is the most voluminous book I have ever read and undeniably one with life-long lessons.


Book Recommendation: Fish in a Tree

Call No.: F HUN

Fish in a Tree recommended by 5B Cyrus Leung

The book that has impacted me the most is Fish in a Tree. It is a children’s fiction that tells the story of Ally Nickerson, a girl in 6th grade who unfortunately suffers from dyslexia which means she has difficulty with reading and writing words in the same fashion as her classmates, and her journey of attempting to overcome it with the assistance of her caring and patient teacher and her sympathetic friends. The story focuses on the vast amount of setbacks that Ally has encountered throughout the year and the clever methods she had used to deal with them. The main moral promoted in the book is that with perseverance, any obstacle can be conquered, and to that, I agree.

As a child, I was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and I used to struggle heavily with focusing on a single task at a time. As I aged, I realized that I had to work harder than most people to ensure that this condition cannot hinder me in the distant future when I can no longer enjoy the privilege of assistance. And after reading this book, it had taught me a moral that further reinforces my belief: a great disability must be paired with great determination.

All in all, this book had taught me if I am having great trouble with school, then all the more reason for me to aim higher so that I can grow out of the need of special help even sooner.